Review - Pony Island

23 June 2017 on reviews

Pony Island is a game about ponies, programming and you being the worst playtester in existence. Saying anything more would spoil the game. So go play it!

Donald Duck offshoots - Superdonald

16 June 2017 on

So hey! In case you weren’t aware I recently passed my exams! :D Since that means I have a lot of more free time, it means I’ll be able to devote a lot more time to this blog. I’ve also taken up livestreaming! Check it out over on Twitch

Getting out of Emergency mode on Ubuntu 17.04

11 May 2017 on

Note: This was executed on Ubuntu 17.04. Instructions may differ if you do not run Ubuntu.

Shovel Knight: Body Swap - Thoughts and Opinions.

22 April 2017 on rants

Greetings Gentleladies and men! Today I’ll be discussing a subject that can only end with this blog going down in flame-wars. Thank fuck I don’t enable Disqus on my blog. Yup. We’re talking about Shovel Knight’s Body Swap mode. Strap on folks, because this is gonna be a juicy one!

A talk on Cydia Extender, Ext3ndlife and /r/jailbreak.

21 April 2017 on rants

Sup ladies and gentleman. How are you? (I’m fine thanks for asking). It’s been a while since this blog has been upd8’ed, but don’t think I’ve gone silent. In fact, today I’m here with you for a completely new topic. Namely, Cydia Extender.

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